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Read the story about our team and learn why we decided to develop Serpence SESMO tools and make them accessible to everyone.

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Welcome to Tridesetri - a result of persistence, innovation, and a steady commitment to simplicity. I am Dejan Demonjić, co-founder and experienced developer, and my professional journey in the development field spans over 14 years. However, my fascination with programming began back in 1998 when I was just a 13-year-old boy watching Angelina Jolie portray a hacker in the movie Hackers. From that moment, lines of code sparked in my mind, igniting a passion for the endless possibilities they held. 

But now, let's bring our focus to the present. 

The story of Tridesetri didn't start with an idea; it was born out of necessity during our engagements in web development. Confronted with a challenging project, we set out to discover a more efficient means of managing our web applications and strengthening our SEO capabilities. Fueled by this need, we followed the path of true innovators – we developed our own solution. Thus, Serpence SESMO came into existence (initially called an SEO helper middleware). A suite of SEO tools that soon became our go-to support in navigating the complexities of web app maintenance. 

Serpence SESMO was initially our well-kept secret, a toolset that turned the challenging job of maintaining and improving web apps into a more enjoyable task. However, as I delved deeper into the SEO, a realization struck me – our struggle was not unique. Across the globe, web developers, business owners and SEO novices faced the same challenges. 

Breaking down the walls of our in-house toolkit, we made the decision that Serpence SESMO should not be limited to us alone; it should be available to anyone dealing with the difficulties of SEO. Today, it serves as a straightforward tool for developers fine-tuning their projects, a helpful companion for business owners seeking to optimize their websites, and an effective teacher for SEO beginners. 

At Tridesetri, our philosophy revolves around the power of sharing. We are eager to share our tools, knowledge, and passion with a wider community. Serpence SESMO is not merely a product; it is a means for you to revolutionize your approach to SEO. Our mission is to make your journey less daunting, your process more intuitive, and your results truly exceptional. 

Join us in using this tool together to simplify SEO, making it more accessible for those of us who aren't experts. Let's get started! 

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