Tijana Naprta

SEO expert, and coding enthusiast. Architect of access control systems, driving success by improving workflows, security, & productivity for businesses.

Tijana Naprta

My journey started something like this: Little Tijana saw the soldering iron and liked it. Made some RFID devices and loved it. Got into the code behind an access control system and fell in love with coding. 

As the architect behind access control and employee tracking systems, I've helped businesses improve workflow, strengthen security, and boost productivity. My mission will always be to create solutions that not only solve problems but drive success. When I'm not deep-diving into code, you might find me reading up on the latest SEO trends, striving to stay on top of the game. Reading, so that I can also write about on-page and local SEO, the importance of SEO for SMEs and beginners, as I once was. 

I'm fine-tuning your websites and social media presence, ensuring that search engines not only 'get' you but put you miles ahead of the competition.  

Articles from this author:

Unrecognizable man taking notes on whiteboard

Exploring the Relationship between Social Media and SEO

Explore the connection between social media and SEO. Learn the importance of content quality, link building, enhanced user engagement and more.

Tijana Naprta — 2/27/2024

macbook pro on brown wooden table

Social Media and SEO: Tips for Business Owners and Marketers

Review strategies for improving a brand's online presence and SEO efforts through active engagement on social media and building relationships.

Tijana Naprta — 5/22/2024

Woman Wears Yellow Hard Hat Holding Vehicle Part

Local SEO Ranking Factors for Small Business Owners

Read about Local SEO strategies for small businesses. Discover importance of local SEO in attracting local customers and increasing online visibility.

Tijana Naprta — 5/22/2024

black and silver fountain pen

SEO Tips for Writers: Crafting Content that Converts

Read a complete guide for writers on how to create SEO-friendly content that ranks higher on search engines and converts readers into loyal followers.

Tijana Naprta — 5/22/2024

person writing on white paper

On-Page SEO: Best Practices and Tips for Beginners

Read a complete guide on on-page SEO strategies for beginners. Discover the importance of user experience, effective content management, and more.

Tijana Naprta — 5/22/2024

Ethnic female cafe owner showing WELCOME WE ARE OPEN inscription

SEO for Small Business Owners: Big Impact on Local Markets

Review a comprehensive guide on how SEO can be beneficial for small businesses. Discover how it can increase visibility in local search results.

Tijana Naprta — 5/22/2024

a camera set up in front of a brick wall

Developers' Guide to Video SEO: A Visual Path to Rankings

Read a comprehensive guide to video SEO, a process of improving the visibility and rankings of videos on platforms like YouTube and search engines.

Tijana Naprta — 5/22/2024

Desk with a planner with the words Content Strategy on it

The Role of Content Pillars in SEO Strategy

Learn the importance of Content Pillars in SEO strategy. Discover how to effectively promote and share content pillars, enhance relevance and traffic.

Tijana Naprta — 5/22/2024

SEO text wallpaper

SEO for Beginners and Business Owners: A Comprehensive Guide

Review a comprehensive guide to SEO for business owners and beginners. Read tips on keyword research, on-page SEO, technical SEO, local SEO and more.

Tijana Naprta — 5/22/2024

a laptop computer sitting on top of a bed

SEO Strategies for Image-Centric Social Media Platforms

Review SEO strategies for image-centric social media platforms. Discover the importance of image optimization, keyword research, hashtags and more.

Tijana Naprta — 5/22/2024

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